Letter of Inquiry


All grant requests must receive approval by the Ariel Foundation board which meets at least quarterly throughout the year. It should be noted that application reviews may take several months and applicants should plan accordingly. To be considered for an invitation to receive a grant application, please submit a Letter of Inquiry as stated above.

Small grants are $5,000 or less and require the two-page application with one or two pages of supporting documents.

Large grants are more than $5,000 and require the two-page application with several supporting documents.

Major grants are $100,000 or more and require the two-page application with several supporting documents. Ariel Foundation advises applicants of major grants to do so as early in the calendar year as possible for that year’s consideration.

Incomplete grant proposals are not eligible for consideration and will be returned to the applicants. Ariel Foundation on occasion may request an applicant to submit an addendum, addressing specific questions, before making a final determination.

Ariel Foundation will not issue explanations for letters submitted that are not invited to receive an application nor rejected applications. However, those who plan to submit a similar request on a later date are urged to discuss requirements and priorities with the director before re-submission.

Grant Seekers

Application Qualifications

Application qualifications

The applicant must meet the following criteria:

The following are not eligible:

  • Religious organizations, although we may consider requests by eligible organizations which support non-sectarian social service activities that are available to the community
  • Fraternal and veterans organizations
  • Programs solely athletic in nature and not connected to the broader community or developmental goals
  • Political campaigns