How do I contact The Ariel Foundation for a grant?

To be considered for an invitation to enter the application process, please submit a short and concise Letter of Inquiry by mail to 121 East High Street, Mount Vernon, OH 43050, or email afinfo@ariel-foundation.org, and include the following:

  • Organization name, location and status
  • Contact information, including an email address
  • A short description of the grant proposal with the approximate amount needed and the timeline
  • Who/what benefits from this proposal

After review of the Letter of Inquiry contact will be made with a decision about an invitation to apply. This will usually be done within two to three weeks.

What is the geographic scope of the foundation?

The Foundation partners in promoting arts, culture, education, health and wellbeing while fostering community preservation balanced with community revitalization. We focus our efforts on improving quality of life throughout the Mount Vernon, Ohio area.

Who can apply? Grant Seekers - Grant Application Qualifications

The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • 501(c)3 public charity
  • State, municipal, or political subdivision

The following are NOT eligible:

  • Organizations that do not meet the above criteria
  • Organizations outside of the Mount Vernon area
  • Religious organizations, although we may consider requests by eligible organizations which support non-sectarian social service activities that are available to the community
  • Fraternal and veterans organizations
  • Programs solely athletic in nature and not connected to the broader community or development goals
  • Political campaigns

When are grant submissions due?

All submitted requests are subject to an application process before board consideration. All grant requests will be considered quarterly by The Ariel Foundation Board with the following schedule of application submission deadlines:

February 1
May 1
August 1
November 1

Incomplete applications are not eligible for consideration. Applicants may be requested to submit an addendum, addressing specific questions, before a final determination is made.

What are the office hours?

Meetings are by appointment only. Call 740.392.0364 for more information, directions, or to send an email, see the Contact Us page.


Does the Foundation offer Scholarships?

In addition to our grants, James P. Buchwald and Tom Rastin Engineering Scholarships of $5,000 each are awarded to students of sophomore status or above who are enrolled at any four-year accredited engineering college. All engineering fields of study will be considered. New and renewed scholarship awards are selected by The Ariel Foundation through an annual application process. Applications must be received at The Ariel Foundation no later than May 1 to be considered for the upcoming academic year. A link to the application and more information can be found on our Scholarships page. Contact afinfo@ariel-foundation.org with questions.