The Ariel Foundation is proud to support the people and projects whose missions are to improve the quality of life in the Mount Vernon, Ohio area. Click the panels below for more detailed information on some of the notable gifts the Foundation has given.

Application Process

Letter of Inquiry

To be considered for an invitation to enter the application process, please submit a short and concise Letter of Inquiry by mail, or email to include the following:

  • Organization name, location, and status
  • Contact information, including an email address
  • A short description of the grant proposal with the approximate amount needed and the timeline
  • Who/what benefits from this proposal

After review of the Letter of Inquiry contact will be made with a decision about an invitation to apply. Usually, this will be done within two to three weeks.


All grant requests will be considered quarterly by the Ariel Foundation board with the following schedule of application submission deadlines:

February 1
May 1
August 1
November 1

All submitted requests are subject to an application process before board consideration. Incomplete applications are not eligible for consideration. Applicants may be requested to submit an addendum, addressing specific questions, before making a final determination.

Small grants are $5,000 or less and require Ariel Foundation’s common application with one or two pages of supporting documents.

Large grants are more than $5,000 and require the two-page application with several supporting documents.

Major grants are $100,000 or more and require the two-page common application with several supporting documents. Ariel Foundation advises applicants of major grants to do so early in the calendar year.