James P. Buchwald and Tom Rastin

Engineering Scholarships

Engineering scholarships of $5,000 each are awarded annually to students of sophomore status or above who are enrolled at a four-year accredited engineering college. All engineering fields of study are considered, and awards may be renewable as long as the student remains in an undergraduate engineering school and maintains satisfactory academic status. New and renewed scholarship award applications are evaluated and selected by The Ariel Foundation through an annual application process.


Eligible applicants must be a graduate of a Knox County, Ohio high school or resident of Knox County, Ohio at the time of high school graduation. Any employee or immediate family member of an employee of Ariel Corporation or The Ariel Foundation is not eligible for this scholarship. The primary selection criterion for the scholarship program shall be an applicant’s past academic performance. The Ariel Foundation shall consider applicants who have achieved at or above a 3.0 Grade Point Average for one year at an accredited college or university prior to acceptance into an engineering college. Recommendations from instructors, personal qualities, and financial need shall all be considered.

2023-2024 Scholarship Recipients

We are proud to recognize our 2023-2024 James P. Buchwald and Tom Rastin scholarship recipients:

Jonah Burson – Civil and Environmental Engineering – Ohio Northern University

Jonathan Crow – Mechanical Engineering – The Ohio State University

Terry Fearn – Electrical Engineering – University of Toledo

Joshua Gaddis – Mechanical Engineering – The University of Akron

Nicholas Laher – Industrial and Systems Engineering – Ohio University

Adam Temple – Chemical Engineering – Miami University

Netsanet Waal – Chemical and Biochemistry Engineering – Calvin University

Andrew White – Computer Science Engineering – The Ohio State University

James P. Buchwald

March 7, 1928 – September 20, 2022

Working in the natural gas industry from the early 1950’s, Jim began his career as a Design Engineer at Cooper-Bessemer and later White Superior. As the industry developed, Jim became convinced that an opportunity existed to build a smaller, more cost effective compressor, to fill a niche not served by any of the existing compressor OEMs.  His belief in this opportunity led him to design the Ariel JG, a small, high-speed compressor prototype that would launch Ariel Corporation in 1966.

Buchwald led Ariel for 32 years until his retirement in 1998.  During his tenure, Ariel set new standards for reliability and cost-effectiveness, bringing nearly 20 compressor models to market.  He took the company from a small start up to a modern manufacturer, overseeing the design and production of every unit from the prototype to unit #13,000.  His journey to build both the company and its first compressors also built a deep corporate culture, which endures strongly at Ariel today.


Applications must be received at The Ariel Foundation no later than May 1 to be considered for the upcoming academic year. Contact or call 740.392.0364 with questions.